Hospitality, Tourism & Sports is an important sector contributing to the UK economy. It is s a broad sector consisting of restaurants, hotels, bars, libraries, exhibition centres, conferences, museum, entertainments, travel agencies, gambling, betting, sports, amusements and recreation.

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Maintaining operations of hospitality venues and promote guest services in eating and drinking organisations. From preparing food to serving it to the guests to managing the everyday operations of a kitchen and its related areas, there is a wide scope for professionals in the Food and Beverage industry. From restaurant managers, nightclub managers, catering managers, food and beverage service supervisors, food brokers, food buyers, to HR staff. There are a range of roles within this pathway to suit different interests with progression opportunities.

The tourism industry is known for career opportunities and the perks that it comes with. It is one of the fastest-growing industries with opportunities that one can explore and look forward to. It’s not only has a lot of employment opportunities but also has interesting future prospects that involve travelling, guiding trips etc. and not to forget the well-paid job that comes with it. Focuses on the overall traveller’s experience by creating guide books, planning and booking personalised trips, managing customers travel plans and focusing on enjoyment and education of visitors. Popular roles within the sector include, travel agent, tour guide, tourism manager, event manager, travel writer and transport officer.

Following a food science, dietetics and Nutrition pathway can provide career opportunities everywhere, from small communities to large cities, in hospitals, wellness centres, health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, food companies, schools, the armed forces, long-term care facilities, and public health programs. looks at the importance of science related to food and focusses on applying the principles of nutrition to the diet. Dietitians interpret the science of nutrition to improve health and treat diseases/conditions by educating and giving practical, personalised advice to clients, patients, carers and colleagues. 

Consists of working in all aspects of hospitality, tourism and recreation sector both locally/nationally. It includes specialism in restaurant and food service, tourism and travel, events and community recreation sports. From theme park management to football coaching, there are a variety of roles in the hospitality tourism and recreation pathway. When researching careers, you will likely see some crossover with other sectors. For example, with healthcare (sports physiotherapy), hospitality and events management (hotel careers), media and internet (sport or travel journalism), teacher training and education (PE teaching) and transport and logistics (jobs in passenger services).