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Admin Assistant - Marketing and Research (Optometry) - University of Bradford (Kickstart Placement)

Main Purpose of the Role:

The University Eye Clinic is an excellent resource for teaching and research within the University. It acts as a great source of participants to recruit for clinical research, and a site for Optometry students to gain essential clinical experience with the public. Covid has led to a reduction in patient numbers at the eye clinic, impacting future research and student clinical experience. Therefore, it is essential we work to increase footfall, and utilise the potential of the clinic once safe to do so. This has not been possible this year as the Optometry undergraduate degree has become more difficult to facilitate effectively due to the extra teaching time-demand on academic colleagues, particularly those with clinical duties. Clinical research activity has continued at a reduced capacity, however, time for data analysis has been limited, meaning there are projects that would benefit from support with data entry and basic information analysis. We therefore would like to employ someone with suitable qualifications who is interested in helping to promote the eye clinic and supporting the day-to-day running of it, and getting involved in basic analysis of clinical research that is conducted there.

Main roles and responsibilities (brackets demonstrate learnable transferrable skills):

  • Will learn about how the Eye Clinic, and how a clinical teaching facility works, and help with day to day running of the eye clinic (Team work and Communication skills)
  • Use their creativity to develop marketing tools and materials for the Eye Clinic and its speciality/sub-clinics. This will give the individual experience working with local community, healthcare workers, and make a difference to the way the Eye Clinic gains new business (Organisation, Creative Information Technology, and Presentation skills)
  • Take the lead in organising and identifying the best approaches to advertise and promote the research performed within the Eye Clinic and department i.e. displaying conference posters and research conclusions from departmental clinical research. This will help the employee learn more about clinical research, and organise the way the department presents its achievements. (Creativity, Leadership, and Information Interpretation skills)
  • Identify best approaches and strategy for recruiting more patients, participants and volunteers for the eye clinic (Analytical and Communication skills)
  • Conduct image-related analysis for clinical research. Training will be provided; an opportunity for the candidate to be a part of a research project. (Research and Analytical skills)
  • Conduct data entry and basic analyses for clinic-based research data. Training will be provided; an opportunity for the candidate to be a part of another research project. (Research and Analytical skills, Problem Solving skills)
  • Perform administrative tasks for organising practical activities and assessments within the Eye Clinic (Time management and Organisation skills)
  • Create resources to learn about patient experiences in the Eye Clinic, and establish a protocol for continual feedback. This will help the employee learn how to manage a project. (Organisation, leadership and planning skills)
  • Give regular reports and updates in staff meetings about the Eye Clinic, administrative tasks, and progression in research tasks (Verbal communication, Information Technology, and Organisation skills)
  • Be responsible for, and maintain the Eye Clinic and research consumables stocks, e.g contact lenses.
  • This will be useful in learning how clinical teaching and research is done. (Developing Responsibility, Organisation and Management skills)
  • Create agendas, write minutes and action plans for Eye Clinic staff meetings, giving the employee the chance to be an active member of an academic department (Organisation and Written Communication skills)

Weekly Wage: Minimum Wage – dependent on age
Employer Name & Location: University of Bradford, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP 
Working week - contracted hours / full time / part time: 25 Hours per week, Monday to Friday. To be agreed on Appointment.
Number of vacancies & closing date for applications: 1 Vacancy, Ongoing
Duration – Perm / temp: 6 Months

Essential skills, experience and qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email.
  • Excellent written and oral communications–detail focused, accurate and clear.
  • Excellent organisational skills and the ability to prioritise different work duties.
  • Willingness to learn new skills.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Degree in biosciences (preferably biochemistry-related) or chemistry is desirable but not essential.

Details of employability support (training opportunities/mentor):

  • Central and local induction
  • On the job training
  • Access to various training courses by University’s People Development Team

If you are interested in this Kickstart Placement, aged 16-24 and claiming Universal Credit, please contact your DWP work coach at your local Job Centre Plus to go through the application process for this placement.