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COVID19 Volunteer Marshal - Volunteering Bradford

Job Description:
As a Volunteer Marshal you will support the NHS staff working across the COVID19 Vaccination Centre with the following tasks.
1. Directing people to the correct areas, checking that they have a booking for the day.
2. Ensure that guidelines regarding social distancing are adhered to.
3. Ensure all individuals arriving on site are wearing a face mask
4. Ensure individuals are utilising the hand sanitiser provided
5. Report any issues that arise to the site supervisor

Important note: Please be aware that all marshal roles, both inside and outside involve standing for the duration of your allocated shift. Due to fire safety and space, there cannot be seating in the corridors. Additionally, Bradford College has steps to access the entrance to the building with additional steps at all fire escapes. If you are considering this role, please ensure you are able to manage the steps. As this is a big site, it important you are aware the car park is a few minutes’ walk away.

Volunteers are not expected to be involved in any of the following:
1. Clinical or medical treatments of any kind
2. Psychological interventions
3. Moving or handling of patients
4. Personal care activities including toileting and bathing
5. Escorting patients off hospital premises

Employer Name & Location:
Bradford College COVID19 Vaccination Centre, Gated Entrance

Working week - contracted hours / full time / part time:
No minimum requirement. Various shifts available.

Duration – Perm / temp:
Volunteer Role

Essential and desirable skills:
1.Flexible and adaptable
2.Punctual and reliable
3.Well presented, with a friendly and approachable manner.
4.Good communication skills.
5.Able to follow instructions
6.Ability to be calm in the face of difficult situations.
7.Ability to work independently and as part of a team
8.Ability to respect confidentiality.
9.Ability to manage own time effectively.
10.Willingness to be flexible and to follow the guidance of the Supervisor.
11.Willingness to help and support staff and patients
12.Able to liaise with staff at all levels
13.Ability to act on own initiative within the role description.
14.Able to demonstrate empathy and compassion
15.Adaptable and willing to learn
16.Relate to people in a polite, friendly and courteous manner
17. A commitment to uphold the Trusts equal opportunities and diversity policies.
18. A commitment to uphold the Trusts values – Respect, Openness, Improvement, Excellence and Together
19. A compliance with the Volunteer and Involvement Code of Conduct and Trust policies including confidentiality and health and safety (this list is not exclusive)
20. Willing to receive any training required for the volunteer role – this may include Breakaway, Conflict Resolution, Food Hygiene training, and any further training the individual service requires.

1.Able to demonstrate empathy and compassion
2.Comfortable working in a fast paced environment
3.Relate to people in a polite, friendly and courteous manner
4.Flexible and responsive – able to think on one’s feet and to change activities quickly throughout a shift

Training provided:
BDCFT Volunteer Induction
You will be provided with a blue polo shirt with NHS logo. All volunteers will be provided with the appropriate PPE. Marshals will be issued with walkie talkies



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