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Lab Research Assistant – Biochemistry - University of Bradford

Job Description:
Main Purpose of the Role
Hamed group is currently home to one PDRA and several PhD students, all actively engaged in wet lab research around biosynthesis, biocatalysis, protein engineering and synthetic biology. The candidate will help Dr Hamed running and maintaining the three labs where the activities are taking place, organising lab clean up duties in a periodic manner, maintaining an up-to-date chemical and biological inventory, checking the conditions of the various pieces of expensive equipment within the group, ensuring that students are abiding by the H&S rules. Further tasks can be discussed and agreed with Dr Hamed.
Main roles and responsibilities
-Smooth running of the laboratories: The candidate will be participating, and   organising lab clean up duties in a periodic manner.
-Maintaining an up-to-date chemical and biological inventory and contributing   to the purchase of missing items and collection of purchased items from     stores. ensure the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced and that   everything is clearly and correctly labelled.
-Keeping a record of the maintenance of expensive equipment within the   group. Keep equipment in a clean and serviceable condition and ensure the   safe removal of waste.
-Provide technical support and assistance to chemists and biologists within the   group; help new students settle in lab and ensuring that they are abiding by   the H&S rules. You'll have to follow strict health and safety procedures and   may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, dust, biological waste, fumes and   toxic waste.
-Contribute to some research work relevant to the background of the     candidate including preparing buffers and some biological media.

Weekly Wage
: Minimum wage- dependant on age
Employer Name & Location: University of Bradford, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP 
Working week - contracted hours / full time / part time: 25 Hours per week, to be confirmed
Number of vacancies & closing date for applications: 2 Vacancies
Closing Date: Ongoing
Duration – Perm / temp: 6 Months
Essential and desirable skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email.
  • Excellent written and oral communications–detail focused, accurate and clear.
  • Excellent organisational skills and the ability to prioritise work.
  • Willingness to learn new skills.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Degree in biosciences (preferably biochemistry-related) or chemistry.

Training Provided:
-Central and local induction
-On the job training
-Access to various training courses by University’s People Development Team

If you are interested in this Kickstart Placement, aged 16-24 and claiming Universal Credit, please contact your DWP work coach at your local Job Centre Plus to go through the application process for this placement.