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Care Academy - Training Provider: Bradford College

The care certificate is the industry agreed set of standards setting out the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by Health and Social Care practitioners in the UK. It is composed of 15 standards that are designed to ensure those in the industry have the prerequisite knowledge to be able to offer high quality care. This course covers all the knowledge elements of the overall care certificate.

Provider and location
Bradford College

Between 1 and 3 weeks

The 1 week plan contains an award in Employability (health and care units) and Level 2 Food Safety.

The 2 week plan certificate in Employability, Level 2 Food Safety, Covid and Infection Control - a Functional Skills Assessment.

The 3 week plan, same as the 2 week plan with and award in Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care or Children and Young People's Settings Level 2 Award. 

Skills/qualifications the course will provide
Level 2 Food Hygiene
IT Award Level 1
Employability Award – including Health and Care
Progression to Level 2 certificate after successfully completing the academy.



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