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Get Professionally Certified with Spreadsheets - Training Provider: Shipley College

This course is for you if:

  • you are keen to develop skills using spreadsheets to analyse data or for financial purposes
  • you want to gain a professional Microsoft Certificate to prove to Employers your competency with spreadsheets

During this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Manage Data Cells and Ranges
  • Create Tables
  • Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions
  • Create Charts and Objects

The course is practical, with many examples to develop skills and build confidence.

How will I study?

Online weekly teaching sessions with a Tutor.

Ongoing support from the Tutor for the duration of the course.

Combination of on-line course material, exams and tutor led sessions.

Independent learning required with 1:1 support where required.

Note: You will require access to Internet and use of a laptop or device which will run Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019 or Office 365 - As a Shipley College enrolled student you will have the option to install Office 365 as part of the course,(the Tutor can advise at the pre-course meeting).

Provider and location

Shipley College

Online Course


Thursday evenings each week from 6-9pm starting Thursday 29th April till Thursday 1st July

You will be expected to complete online activities in between each session, for which there will be online tutorial support. The course also includes a number of practice exams to prepare you for the real exam.

Skills/qualifications the course will provide

Level 2 Microsoft Certificate

Once the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel exam is passed, the learner will be able to analyse data in a way that contributes to the decision making processes of every company.

Successful learners can progress on to the full Microsoft Office Specialist vendor qualification, Level 2 Understanding Data Protection and Data Security

Successful learners can progress onto the Microsoft Office expert and MOS Masters qualification.



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