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Health and Care - Generation UK

Course Description:

A free, 3 week programme is open to anyone over the age of 18 not in education employment or training looking to launch a career in healthcare. There's no entry requirements, we just look for a passion for health and care, we don’t look for work experience or qualifications. We will teach learners everything they need to know to thrive in the role from day one, provide mentorship support and are guaranteeing interviews at the end of the course. Our graduates will get a head start on the NHS pre-employment checks and the Care Certificate.

Provider and location: Generation UK, Remote / Online

Date and Duration: 27th September, 3 weeks

Skills/qualifications the course will provide: How to provide great healthcare support - You will learn to effectively deal with difficult situations and will learn key skills such as stress management, teamwork, communication and persistence. You will gain a head start on pre-employment checks and the Care Certificate. You will meet healthcare professionals from the Trusts and be shown all the tasks you will carry out as part of the role.

Required qualification and educational requirements for attendance: No experience or qualifications needed

WIFI required: Yes but can provide laptops and WiFi dongles if needed



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