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Cities of Learning helps different places across the UK design and deliver lifelong learning with the aim to unlock the potential of each participating area and builds the skills needed for local people, employers and the community to thrive.

The programme recognises individual and organisational achievements and accomplishments outside of formally accredited qualifications through digital badges. These badges are designed in partnership with local businesses and educational providers to connect people to training and work-related opportunities and address workplace skills gaps. 

In 2022, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) announced Bradford District as the first area in the North of England to be accepted onto the City of Learning programme, joining a national network of lifelong learning practitioners to share expertise and knowledge.

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Ways to get involved

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    Badge it

    Create your own digital badges to help us promote the learning activities, events and opportunities across the Bradford District.

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    Pledge it

    Organisations and employers can pledge to recognise digital badges as part of your inclusive recruitment process when young people apply for an opportunity such as a work experience placement, apprenticeship, internship or job.

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    Connect it

    The Navigatr digital platform gives young people, employers and learning providers the opportunity to accurately record and showcase otherwise hidden learning, skills development and career opportunities.

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    To find out how you can get involved, contact the SkillsHouse Careers and Technical Education team for more information

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    Explore our range of digital badges, and sign up for a free account to discover digital badges that help you achieve your goals.

Digital badge examples

Employability Skills

Earners of this badge have prepared or updated their CV in preparation for submitting to opportunities. Earners have researched what makes a good CV and effectively communicated their skills and experiences.

Job Preparation

Earners of this badge have participated in the Hotel Takeover project interview with the Great Victoria Hotel. This is part of the pre-employment experiences, that prepare people for the world of work. This has enabled the learner to increase confidence and raise awareness of the type of questions that employers might ask when they are looking at filling a vacancy.


Earners of this badge have completed a tour of the Police Training Facilities accompanied by trained Police Officers, have had had a talk delivered by the Chief Inspector about their personal journey into the force followed by an engaging Q&A session and experienced the classroom environment which is required for all entry-level Police officers.

The world of work

Earners of this badge have successfully completed a site visit to the Schofield Sweeney Bradford office. They have had an introduction to the firm and gained knowledge and insight on career pathways in Law. Earners listened to the talks delivered by Legal Apprentices, Trainee Solicitors, and partners of the firm. Earners of this badge participated in research tasks. Earners of this badge also gained an understanding of a good CV and cover letter for legal roles, with firm sharing good practices.


Earners of this badge have engaged with a workshop to develop their understanding of what it means to be a volunteer and how they can become a volunteer for Bradford Literature Festival.

Frequently asked questions

Digital badges show that you have been successful in completing learning or some other activity. They can be used as links to information about the activity and are useful to show potential employers and other people your learning journey.

Engage layer - information on a subject is given to you to get you interested and encourage you to undertake further learning opportunities in this area.  To gain an Engage badge, you will gather information and experience a topic, taking part in an activity such as attending:

  • a webinar
  • exhibition
  • open day, or
  • information session

Participate layer - learning is interactive and undertaken with other people to deepen knowledge of a subject. Activities have specific learning outcomes to help you to progress. and could include:

  • taking part in an interactive workshop
  • completing a course, club, programme or training
  • taking an active role in training, e.g. producing a piece of work

Demonstrate layer - learning is contextualised in a real world setting and you will be given the opportunity to present your work and receive feedback to help you grow. Examples of activities for this layer are:

  • teaching skills or new information to others
  • completing volunteering for an event or ongoing role
  • completing work experience or a placement
  • fulfilling required duties of a job role
  • planning and delivery of an event, project or activity

Lead layer - in a badge at this layer, you are given the opportunity to embed your knowledge in different contexts. Through your work you can show how you have inspired and influenced others, by:

  • acting as an ambassador for a charity or organisation
  • advocating on behalf of others
  • setting up a new initiative to bring awareness or action to an area of need
  • completing an intensive leadership programme

Once you have been awarded a Digital Badge, you can put the link on your CV, LinkedIn profile etc., for people to follow to find out what the badge entails and what you needed to do to obtain it.

All badges issued are written by professionals in the appropriate fields using the Cities of Learning Badge Standard, and are recognised by local employers.

The Standard is endorsed by City and Guilds and the Royal Society of the Arts. 

Representing skills with a digital badge gives learners a way to share their abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time.
Digital badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what individuals have done to earn their credential and what they are now capable of.

There is no cost to a person completing a badge.

To write and issue badges each organisation would need to have a Navigatr or Badge Nation Licence.

Please get in touch with the SkillsHouse Careers and Technical Education team by using the Contact Us form