Language Skills. How we can help

Are you looking for work but struggling because English isn't your first language?  SkillsHouse advisers can help you to improve your spoken and written English by finding you a course and supporting you through your studies.

See more information below and get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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SkillsHouse Employment Advisers can refer clients to our English Language Service Assessor, who works closely with lots of different ESOL course providers. Acting both for the learner and the provider, they can help with the following: It's important to note that a learner will have to complete an initial assessment screening and enrolment form. To be put in touch with the service, please contact us.

We will decide what the best course and provider is for you, and put you in touch with the right place

The English Language Service assessor can help facilitate training for both tutors and volunteers

We can help ESOL providers to build capacity and give advice & guidance.  Although we do work with the providers, we don't deliver ESOL ourselves

We can work with and support people who don't speak English as their first language, but we are unable to act as interpretors.

If you want to find an English class in your local area, visit this website HERE