The Health and Social Care sector consists of any organisation which provides healthcare support to people, for example hospitals, dentists, and specialist support like physiotherapy, and social care support, for example, nursing homes, foster caring, and nurseries. In short, it includes any organisation or service which helps people live more independent, healthier lives.

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Taking responsibility and maintaining good health by eating well, exercising, regular check ups and paying attention to signs and symptoms.

Supporting adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health. This includes personal care such as helping with washing, dressing or domestic care such as going to shop or cleaning.

Look after and teach children in childcare centres, nurseries, preschool, afterschool provisions and private households.

Supporting children to grow strong and confident with the support of their families and extended community.

Providing support for children in general by protecting them from harm. Ensuring children who are looked after are taken care of through appropriate fostering and residential care placements.

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