Marketing, Sales and Services sector is suited for people who have an appetite for creativity, imagination, and persuasive skills. Due to technology advancements, it is now possible to market, service and sell products around the world.

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A career in marketing involves roles related to advertising, media planning, sales strategy and other methods of brand awareness designed to sell a product or service. Marketing takes many forms, from traditional methods like radio, television and billboard advertising to digital marketing strategies that incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

Professional sales staff are required across all industries from education products to cars. Sales staff identify customers and manage customer relationships to ensure smooth and profitable delivery or sale of a product or service. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities that fall within sales, but the core of all sales careers are the same. This is a great career path if you like attention to detail and building relationships with different people.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed people work for themselves. They own or run their own business, which can be anything from a simple one-man band providing services such as dog-walking, decorating, or professional services, right up to a company established to produce and market a new piece of technology developed by the owner. Being an entrepreneur requires enthusiasm for your business, good problem solving skills, financial and legal knowledge to run your business within guidelines profitably, and the ability to lead others.