Our Industry guides give you the lowdown on what the Bradford District has to offer. They're here to help you figure out what qualifications and training opportunities are available nearby and to give you the scoop on career options in specific industries.

If you're not sure about what careers are out there, these guides are perfect for exploring and getting to know each sector better. They're your go-to for understanding the different paths you can take into a career, whether it's through Apprenticeships, Traineeships, starting out early in your career, going to college or university, or learning on the job.

In Bradford District, there are 15 industry sectors to explore - you can find them all on the Career Options page. Each guide will tell you specific ways to plan for an occupation, as well as suggesting educational and vocational opportunities.

Build a Career in the Agriculture, Environmental & Animal Care Sector

When it comes to a Career in the Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care Industry, a keen interest in any of the following will assist you to be successful:

-       Passionate about animals, the environment and sustainability

-       Enjoy the outdoors

-       Adaptable to ever-changing situations

-       Interested in Science – biology, chemistry, computer applications

This industry impacts all of us and is essential in providing our food - our energy source to live - as well as the environmental spaces and places that we enjoy in our leisure time. Many of us have pets in our households who are important family members, while others of us may interact with animals as part of our work.

Technology and Artifciail Intelligence will play an increasing role in farming, the environment and animlal care over the next twenty years. The Harvard International Review (Jan 2020) refers to the benefits of AI applications in precsion and digital agriculture. A Health for Animals report explores the Digital Revolution in Animal Care and how digital systems – electronic identification, cameras, thermal imaging, ear-tag sensors – are increasingly being used by agricultural producers. Veterinary medicine will continue to adapt and incorporate technological applications, Technology reshapes Animal Health and Well-being.

Technology can also be an ally in addressing the issues that we need to confront in climate change, How can technology help combat climate change? (World Economic Forum, July 2021) and How digital technology and innovation can help protect the planet (UN Environment Programme).

A wide range of opportunities in the  Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care Industry are available:

-       Agricultural Advisors

-       Aboriculturist

-       Animal Care Worker

-       Biologist

-       Countryside Ranger

-       Crop Technician

-       Ecologist

-       Environmental Practitioner

-       Horticulture & Landscaping

-       Livestock Technician

-       Sustainability Business Specialist

-       Vet, Veterinary Nurse

Qualification Information

Find information about core subjects and specific relevant sections of the curriculum here

15 Career Choices in Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care

The below jobs are a sample of 15 occupations that can be found in Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care in Bradford District and beyond.  Click on the job title for more information:

  • Agricultural Contractor - provide specialised, seasonal or temporary services to farmers
  • Animal Technician - look after animals in medical and scientific research laboratories
  • Biologist - study living things, including people, animals and plants, along with the environments they live in
  • Ecologist - study the relationship between plants, animals and the environment
  • Agricultural Engineer - build, service and repair agricultural, horticultural and forestry machinery and equipment
  • Agronomist - advise farmers on soil health, disease prevention and how to improve crop production and quality
  • Chemical Engineer - develop ways to turn raw materials into everyday products
  • Drone Pilot - remotely operate aircraft used in work like surveying, filmmaking and aerial photography
  • Farmer - grow crops and raise farm animals for food production
  • Florist - sell flowers and create bouquets for weddings, funerals, events and special occasions
  • Landscape Architect - plan, design and manage the landscapes we live and work in
  • Water Treatment Worker - treat and process clean water and waste water
  • Wind Turbine Technician - maintain and repair wind farm turbines on land and at sea
  • Veterinarian - diagnose and treat sick or injured animals
  • Zoologist - study animals and their behaviour

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From science and medicine to farming and politics, there are so many ways to care for the planet by looking after the animals and the land. People working in this sector are playing an important part in ensuring this planet can keep supporting us.

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Animal care managers are responsible for the care and upkeep of animals in an array of settings, including kennels, pet stores, zoos, people's homes, farms or animal shelters. Duties within this pathway include tasks necessary for the welfare of animals, such as feeding, bathing, cleaning and exercising.

Civil and Environmental management ensures that individuals and organisations operate in accordance with sustainable guidelines, improving and evaluating the significance of certain hazards. The need to be cost-effective, whilst meeting environmental legislation in areas such as air and water control, is integral to this pathway.

Land Management and Production centres on managing and developing land resources for the purpose of agriculture, water resource management, reforestation, and conservation projects.

Food scientists and food technologists studying the biological, physical and chemical makeup of foods to develop products, provide accurate nutritional information for food labelling, and investigate ways to keep food fresh, safe and attractive. They find ways to save time and money in food preparation and test the safety and quality of food before public consumption.

Arboriculture is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. Arboriculture roles range from tree surveyors to groundworkers. Horticulture is the art of growing plants in gardens to produce food and medicinal ingredients, or for comfort and ornamental purposes. Horticulture roles range from gardeners to greenkeepers, and botanists to plant pathologists.

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