How the SkillsHouse Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance team can support your students

Information, advice and guidance is provided to young people in a wide range of schools and colleges, including special schools and alternative provision. Careers advisers will work with the appropriate school person to identify young people who are vulnerable and might need enhanced support to ensure that they can move onto a learning opportunity. This usually begins in early September, though young people might have been identified at the end of Year 10 for an early intervention. Careers advisers are equally trained to work with students who hope to access higher education and work with individuals at all levels, to raise participation by providing informed choices. 

The provision of independent careers advice is a statutory requirement, involving trained advisers participating in a wide variety of activities such as one-to-one guidance interviews, reviews with students who have an EHCP, specific follow-up for LAC, group interviewing and occupational talks, plus many more activities which enable schools to meet the needs of the Gatsby requirements.

The team has previously supported a vulnerable young person who witnessed domestic violence having impacted their behaviour and mental health. School attendance was sporadic and due to their specific needs, home learning became a suitable option. The careers adviser conducted numerous home visits, working closely with the SENCO and other school staff. Initially, engagement was difficult but perseverance paid off and slowly trust was built up with the career adviser. This resulted in taking the student to visit all local colleges to see what they were like, how they differed and suitable courses available.

Thanks to this intervention, the young person was able to make an informed choice about the direction that they wanted to go in and with guidance had an interview to gain a place on a Foundation level course which included the development of basic skills. Prior to starting, a range of work tasters were arranged which helped to keep them engaged and has led on to the student starting this September. To date, attendance is 100% and the student appears happy and focused.

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