Construction Project: Girls into Construction/Graffiti Wall Project

Architecture & Construction

This joint project between Carlton Bolling, Carlton Keighley, SkillsHouse CTE and employers was targeted to the girls who have been selected as part of the St Giles Girls’ Violence programme.  

The project aimed to build self-esteem and self-worth, encourage girls to explore emotions and feelings and consider how, through expression of these feelings and emotions, they can build their own self-management and resilience skills.  

The two schools worked collaboratively and built their team, social and leadership skills.   

The aim was also to encourage some of the girls into non-traditional career choices i.e. construction, through the project by giving them the opportunity to build their own graffiti walls, which involved them working to plans, observing strict health and safety rules, and working collaboratively in a ‘work-place environment’ under the supervision of fully qualified teachers of Construction (based at CB).  

The CITB and SkillsHouse CTE are involved in promoting careers in the construction industry for girls, creating pathways and key digital badges to encourage participation.  

Now the wall is built, we will engage the services of a professional artist, who will plan the artwork through all of its stages, and this will culminate in a collaborative work of graffiti art. By involving art/graphics teachers in both schools, this will provide training to enable the project to be sustained by each school in future.   

It is our intention to extend this into the summer term and select leaders from our secondary school girls group to utilise the skills learned through the project to work with identified groups of girls from Y6 who will be transferring to Carlton Bolling/Carlton Keighley in September 2024. 

If you feel that your company could be involved in a similar project, please get in touch with us at BradfordCTE@bradford.gov.uk