Construction Visit - Abrahams and Carlisle

Built Environment

As part of the SkillsHouse CTE Built Environment Curriculum & Pathways programme, students from Carlton Bolling School visited Abrahams and Carlisle joinery shop to learn more about product sustainability. The visit included practical demonstrations of what is produced, learning how timber is sourced sustainably and how they reduce emissions and stay carbon free. Nine year 10 learners attended linking the visit to curriculum learning as part of their sustainable construction course.  The learners gained understanding of different types of construction activities, management of construction projects and meeting standards of health and safety regulations.

Learner feedback received by the school was excellent.  It was evident during the visit that learners had a keen interest in the way heating is controlled and how sustainability is maintained. Lots of relevant questions were asked and John from Abraham & Carlisle leading the visit stated,

“It was a pleasure to host the learner visit, I must say they really engaged with the theme of the visit and were well behaved, a credit to the school”. John Hemingway, Director, Abrahams & Carlisle

Mr Millard, Construction teacher, Carlton Bolling accompanied the students on the visit. He said “The learners benefit as they get a better understanding of the job roles by speaking to the professionals, a better understanding of how the work is planned and produced, the learners start to use the key words and talk like a professional in their writing, clearly improving their grammar, which obviously helps in their coursework. As a tutor, I can teach them so much, but by going out to sites and speaking to the workforce, this teaches them so much more.”

Learners that attended all had a positive experience:

“I was really interested in how they produced their own heating.” Ehsan, Yr 10

“I now know how important it is to use FSC timber now.” Hamzah, Yr 10

If you feel that you could accommodate students on a visit to your premises, please get in touch at BradfordCTE@bradford.gov.uk