Curriculum Consultancy Practice - Primary - Computing, Science and Environmental Technologies

As part of the Computing Science and Environmental Technologies Sector Programme of Learning, Shirley Manor Primary School collaborated with The Curriculum and Pathways Team to address the Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills gap within the Gaming and Simulation pathway. Learners benefited from visits from Balfour Beatty’s RoboDog, receiving a tour and talk at the University of Bradford’s AI faculty, and worked with Future Transformation to create AI art work which was linked to that half term's key text to support creative writing and engagement in literacy.

Having had no previous knowledge of AI, the children at Shirley Manor now understand how AI can be used to support people in many different ways and were able to engage with a variety of role models in job roles from different sectors impacted by AI. Film Students from Bradford College supported the programme and developed their own skills by interviewing and filming Primary learners before and after their engagement with the programme, further exposing the Primary learners to positive role models from different age groups and backgrounds.

Throughout the programme, learners developed their communication and collaboration skills, they are now able to speak at length about how AI can be used to solve problems and make people's lives better. Learners’ technical vocabulary has been enhanced and they have gained a deeper understanding of industry sectors that are available across Bradford District and pathways into the world of AI.

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