Dragon's Den - Net Zero Island

Manufacturing and Engineering

As part of the Skillshouse CTE Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Health, Safety and Environmental Assurance Pathway, learners from Dixons Trinity, St Bede’s & St Joseph’s, Woodhouse Grove, and Lightcliffe Academy schools visited the University of Bradford to take part in a “Net Zero Island” Dragon’s Den themed programme of learning. The “Net Zero Island” project is a co-production with SkillsHouse, Northern Gas Networks and the University of Bradford. Workshops and presentations were delivered by Northern Gas Network’s Net Zero Educators team, Bechtle Sustainability team, DNV Spadeadam and the STEM centre, University of Bradford.  The workshops explored the concepts of Net Zero carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, climate change, renewable and non-renewable energy sources. The learners were asked to create a Net Zero Island that would house and support 30,000 people and the workshops offered the learner’s provocations and research pathways to begin this task.  In the afternoon the learners engaged in a practical task of building a model wind turbine to appreciate structural efficiency, energy output and how to begin working as a productive team. Earlier in the day, Bradford Council leader, Susan Hinchcliffe, explained the many ways the council is adapting its practices to meet its Net Zero targets. Learners were fully engaged in what Councillor Hinchcliffe had to say, as many of them live in the Bradford area.

Learner Neeyal really enjoyed visiting the University, as she had never been on the campus before and seeing the different facilities such as the gym and IT suite really impressed her. This day was very influential for her, “I really had no idea how much the earth’s temperature has increased by, as this is something we’ve not yet explored at school.

Learner Caelam was also very impressed with the workshops and how to make the world a more sustainable planet. He felt that he could link this work to some of his GCSE science subjects. The day was good, he went on to say, “it tested you on using statistics to present an argument which is often used in the world of work.” This was a memorable day for all taking part.

If your company would like to offer their time to be involved in similar projects, please get in touch with us at BradfordCTE@bradford.gov.uk