Tax Facts and Employability Skills Workshops

Business Management

Working in partnership with the SkillsHouse Careers and Technical Education (CTE) team, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are a Business Industry Sector board member, supporting the development and implementation of a Finance Pathway. 

In June 2024, HMRC delivered Tax Facts and Employability Skills workshops to Supported Internship students at Coleman Training Development (CTD) in Bradford. CTD work with young adults aged 16 - 25 with an Education, Health and Care Plan, progressing them into independent paid employment. Chris Sadler (Employment Engagement Lead, CTD) is keen to work with CTE and employers, highlighting that for ‘young people, it opens their eyes to possibilities’.

The young adults learnt the facts about tax, what it is, who pays it and why it is paid. The Interns demonstrated their curious nature asking key questions and creating discussion about how tax is used and how much they will be paying from their salary into the tax system when they enter employment.

Following this, the learners listened to Ismail Ahmad, HO Intelligence & Risk Team Leader, share his personal journey from school into employment at HMRC. The young adults were introduced to the Success Profiles used in the recruitment and selection process across the Civil Service and increased their knowledge about the different paths into and job opportunities at HMRC. 

A key point was raised in the employability workshop around reasonable adjustments and ensuring that the recruitment process was equitable for all. Ismail shared the message with Interns that ‘HMRC is an inclusive employer’ and that ‘people are fully supported throughout their journey’. This was key to our Interns, along with other young people, planning on starting their career journey who may be nervous and anxious about the recruitment process.

These workshops delivered the required insight into the world of tax and how income and corporation tax affects employers and employees. In addition, the Interns are better equipped on the recruitment and selection process in the Civil Service.

If you would like to work with SkillsHouse CTE, please contact us at BradfordCTE@bradford.gov.uk