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Skills for Work

Are you interested in working in the adult social care sector?

Skills for Work will be delivering the Care Certificate, an agreed set of standards delivering the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by Health and Social Care practitioners in the UK. These 15 standards are designed to make sure those that work in Health and Social Care have the correct knowledge to offer high-quality care.

A SkillsHouse adviser will support you through the 'Step into Care' programme and upon completion match you to available Care roles and prepare you for interview.

The course is designed for people aged 19 and over and who are unemployed. Up to 60% of the work will be online and laptops will be provided. Classroom work will be delivered at Chapel Street in Little Germany, Bradford.

If you secure employment after completing the two week 'Step into Care' programme, you will also receive a £50 shopping voucher!

Week 1 Activities

Monday: Induction and register learners
Tuesday: Ascentis Level 1 Award in Health & Safety
Wednesday: Ascentis Level 1 Award in Infection Control and Prevention
Thursday: Ascentic Level 1 Award in Mental Health and Wellbeing
Friday: Ascentis Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering

Week 2 Activities

Monday: Ascentis Level 1 Award in Understanding Safeguarding for Work, Education and Life (Part 1)
Tuesday: Ascentis Level 1 Award in Understanding Safeguarding for Work, Education and Life (Part 2)
Wednesday: Care Certificate Online Course
Thursday: Care Certificate Online Course
Friday: Skills House IAG/NCS Referral

Extension activities could include:

- Ascentis Level 1 Award in Understanding an Inclusive Environment
- Ascentis Level 1 Award in Equality and Diversity
- Ascentis Level 1 Award in Internet Safety for IT Users
- Multiply Session, 2 hours

A Care Certificate Knowledge Pack will be supplied as resource material.

If you have any questions, please contact SkillsHouse


Terms & Conditions for £50 Shopping Voucher

This is a limited-time offer on a first-come-first-serve basis. To be eligible to claim the £50 shopping voucher, participants must meet all the requirements of the terms and conditions:

  • Must register with SkillsHouse
  • Must successfully complete the Care Certificate through an approved local provider (certificate required as proof)
  • Must attend an interview with a Social Care provider that is based within Bradford District and Craven (invitation to interview required as proof)


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