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Generation Medics

Interested in health and social care roles? We’re supporting people living in Bradford and Craven

  • To explore work in the local health and social care sector
  • Understand routes and progression in those careers
  • Translate their skills and experience to their future in health and social care
  • Be empowered to apply for relevant roles

Through our Virtual Healthcare Academy that includes 100s+ hours of insights, blogs and e-courses on healthcare topics. Including how to show your skills and experiences in the best light when applying to a job in the health and social care sector (even if you have no prior experience of healthcare).

This is a flexible self-directed learning programme that fits around your other responsibilities. It works best for those who commit at least 4 hours a week to move forward on their journey towards a job in healthcare.

There are 10 positions available! 

No minimum qualifications required however you must be comfortable using laptop, emails etc. 

Must be age 17+. 


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