Personal Statements

Tips for writing a personal statement - 6th form, FE or HE

Most applications will include a section where they will ask you to write something about yourself. Usually this may be the first time you have really been asked to “sell yourself”. Don’t worry it’s the same for everyone applying and in most cases they just want to get to know you a little bit before you start.

In most cases you will need to explain why you want to attend that particular college/6th form or university. It's important you spend time finding out about the facilities and courses and look into reasons why you really want to attend there. Does it have a great reputation for particular courses like business, sports etc. or a strong academic reputation for exam results? Attending open days is really important so you can get a proper feel for the type of place it is, and this will help you to explain why you want to attend.

In your personal statement, you want to explain your motivation behind applying for this course. For example, if you want to work in the NHS as a health care assistant you may want to write “I want to study health and social care as I am passionate about working with and helping others. I currently spend time with my elderly grandparents assisting with their day to day needs and feel this course will allow me to reach my career goals”.

You should also write about anything that you may have read about the course, any specific topics or study that interest you and things that you want to find out more about.

Write about any experiences you have had that are related to the course(s) or any skills you have learned that may be helpful. You can demonstrate more general strengths such as responsibility and commitment if you have experience volunteering or working, or if you have a part-time job like babysitting

In most cases you will need to talk about your future plans or career goals. Explain what you might like to do in the future for your career and how you will use this course to reach those ambitions. You may already have a clear idea of your plan which is great but don’t worry if you're still unsure. You can use this as an opportunity to explain what subjects you enjoy and give a broad sense of what you may be able to move into

Use your best English - Check for spellings and grammar mistakes. Then check again
Be Enthusiastic - Showing interest in the course will strengthen your application
Ask Someone - Ask people you trust to check through your personal statement and give you feedback
Complete forms properly - Do exactly what the form asks, read the wording properly, check for any word limits etc.

Don’t exaggerate or lie - You may be asked about what you have written in your personal statement during any interviews and it will be easy to tell if you haven't been truthful
Don’t leave it late - Don’t leave it till the very last minute to write out your personal statement. Give yourself time to think about what you want to include and make sure not to forget anything