Robertsons Construction Site Visit: Airedale Hospital

Built Environment

As part of the SkillsHouse CTE Built Environment Sector programme, learners from Carlton Bolling School visited Robertsons construction site at Airedale Hospital. The hospital was built using Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC), which can be very dangerous and could collapse in the near future. The learners gained insight on how every employer must complete a health and safety induction, how the work is planned and how they must provide clear guidelines to ensure the hospital is kept safe. Learners gained an understanding of career progression from entry level roles such as labourers to site management. The learners were also taken around the site and shown the type of work that was being done to support the RAAC from collapsing by using specific industry materials. The learners observed employees completing their daily tasks in and gained an understanding of how each employee abides by health & safety rules to ensure they are all kept safe.

The learners provided very positive feedback in lesson and clearly remembered the information with some in-depth discussion about the visit.

“I never knew how much money they need, just to make a building safe!” Noor, Yr 10

“I thought the building industry was boring, but it looks an exciting job.” Mubashir, Yr10

Mr Millard, the Construction Tutor who accompanied the learners on the visit stated:

“This was an excellent visit for our students as they learnt about health and safety, job roles and about the actual construction activities that happen every day in the construction industry. when I have explained about supporting beams and joists to the students, some of them don’t really understand how it works, but now they have seen it for themselves, they now have a clearer understanding of the reason and how it works, which is fantastic.” 

If you would like to arrange similar visit for your students, please get in touch with us at BradfordCTE@bradford.gov.uk