Success finding the right Role

I was working for Bradford council through the Kickstart program as an admin assistant. I was getting ongoing in work support via SkillsHouse throughout the 6 months. During my time at Bradford Council admin was not really the right role for me. I spoke with the management, work coaches and resourcing to seek support for new employment post Kickstart.

Working with the work coaches and resourcing they organised a sector based work academy where I attended Bradford college 2 weeks to gain a warehouse qualification before getting a guaranteed interview. Throughout this the communication was precise and clear on the process and course information. This course gave me the introduction and basic knowledge into warehouse which I previously did not have.

I got a guaranteed interview with GXO logistics in BD5 where I was successful and was accepted for warehouse operative role. Through the training and skills gained via SkillsHouse and the college this allowed me to excel through the interview and induction process. I have currently been in my role for 4 months and continually learning and enjoying the role.