People working in this sector may design, develop, build or repair residential and business premises, infrastructure and transport systems.

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This pathway is the very beginning of a construction project and involves turning a concept into a plan, finding the most sustainable and cost-effective way of bringing an idea to life. Development projects, whether in towns, cities or rural areas, have to be safe, efficient and adhere to legal guidelines.

This pathway involves using anything from basic hand tools to larger plant machinery, used effectively to strip out fittings, remove hazardous materials and salvage anything that can be reused, before demolishing or dismantling the unsafe or obsolete buildings and structures.

Off-Site Manufacturing is a revolutionary aspect of the architecture and construction industry. This method of construction is defined by building modular components off-site, using indoor facilities in a production line approach. The manufacturing process is performed in a controlled factory environment.

This pathway involves overseeing the wider project when constructing new buildings. Civil and Structural Engineering involves the design, construction, maintenance and repair of infrastructure such as roads and bridges, buildings, and underground transport systems. Conservation of animal habitats and flood alleviation are other key components to consider when managing construction projects.

Maintaining the upkeep of equipment, repairing and fixing broken equipment, upgrading or installing utilities and inspecting finished projects to ensure they comply with Health and Safety regulations are all key elements of this pathway.

This post-construction pathway focuses on managing the repairs or ‘snags’ found in various areas such as buildings and landscapes, by tracking and reporting progress.

Once a construction project has been completed, it is imperative that there is visible tracking, co-ordinating, monitoring and recording of sales through excellent customer service and after-sales support.

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