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Build a Career in Hospitality, Tourism and Sport Industry

Hospitality, Tourism & Sport sector is an important contributor to the UK economy and employs particularly a young workforce. It consists of hotels, bars, restaurants, conference, libraries, museums, exhibition centres, travel agencies, entertainment activities, amusement, recreation, sports, gambling and betting.

According to Business Register and Employment Survey the Hospitality, Tourism and Sport sector supports 2.7m jobs in the UK. The following definitions will help determine further what each term means:

Hospitality – this involves working directly with customers in hotels, restaurants, theme parks and recreational facitilies. Most of hospitality roles are customer facing however some opporutnities to exist in the background such as accounting, sales and marketing.

When it comes to a Career in Hospitality, you should have a keen interest in any of the following:

Customer Service

Communication Skills

Team Working


Multi Tasking

Cultural Awareness

Tourism – this involves traveling for business or pleasure internationally and roles involve providing services such as transport, entertainment for people who are on holiday and accomodations.

When it comes to a Career in Tourism, you should have a keen interest in any of the following:

Team Working

Stress Management


Problem Solving

Sport – taking part in some form of physical activities, casual or organised games both locally, nationally and internationally. Roles consisting in the sports industry include an Athlete, PE techer, Sports Instructor/Coach, Sports Physiotherapist, Gym Manager, Personal Trainer, Sports Journalist, Sports Photographer etc.

When it comes to a Career in Sport, you should have a keen interest in any of the following:


Team Working

Time Management

Stress Management


Bradford has a young population and for many young people living in the District the Hospitality, Tourism & Sport may be a great starting point in their career.

Hospitality, Tourism & Sport is a growing Industry with increase demands from the following local employers and services:

The Great Victoria Hotel -

 The Midland Hotel –

Bradford Live –

Bradford Bulls Foundation –

West Riding County FA –

Yorkshire County Cricket Foundation –

University of Bradford –

Bradford Council –

Qualification Information

Find information about core subjects and specific relevant sections of the curriculum here

15 Career Choices in Hospitality, Tourism and Sport

The below jobs are an example of what work can be found in this sector in the Bradford District and beyond.  Click on the job title for more information:

  • Baker - make bread, cakes and pastries by hand and with catering equipment
  • Barista - make and serve coffee in cafes, coffee shop chains, restaurants and hotels
  • Catering Manager - run the food service of organisations including restaurants, bars, schools, colleges and outside suppliers
  • Chef - develop recipes, plan menus, cook dishes and supervise kitchen staff
  • Food Manufacturing Inspector - make sure companies meet hygiene and safety standards, and that products are safe to eat
  • Cabin Crew - help make sure that airline passengers have a comfortable, safe and pleasant flight
  • Hotel Manager - are in charge of the day-to-day running of a hotel
  • Housekeeper - organise hotel staff to make sure that all the rooms are kept clean and tidy
  • Interpreter - change spoken words from one language into another, either face-to-face or remotely
  • Travel Agent - book business and leisure travel for customers
  • Fitness Instructor - organise exercise programmes to improve people's health and fitness
  • Leisure Centre Manager - look after the day-to-day running of sports and leisure centres
  • Lifeguard - look after swimming areas, help swimmers to stay safe and carry out rescues in emergencies
  • PE Teacher - work in schools and colleges, teaching sport and fitness to young people
  • Sports Physiotherapist - diagnose and treat sports injuries

Skills Statements

Our skills statements are like golden nuggets crafted by industry pros. They pinpoint the essential skills required in specific sectors or careers. These statements are your secret weapon to understanding what employers really want and figuring out how to shine brighter than the rest. They'll give you the inside scoop on the skills that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

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Hospitality, Tourism & Sports is an important sector contributing to the UK economy. It is s a broad sector consisting of restaurants, hotels, bars, libraries, exhibition centres, conferences, museum, entertainments, travel agencies, gambling, betting, sports, amusements and recreation.

I would like to find out more about…

Maintaining operations of hospitality venues and promote guest services in eating and drinking organisations. From preparing food to serving it to the guests to managing the everyday operations of a kitchen and its related areas, there is a wide scope for professionals in the Food and Beverage industry. From restaurant managers, nightclub managers, catering managers, food and beverage service supervisors, food brokers, food buyers, to HR staff. There are a range of roles within this pathway to suit different interests with progression opportunities.

The tourism industry is known for career opportunities and the perks that it comes with. It is one of the fastest-growing industries with opportunities that one can explore and look forward to. It’s not only has a lot of employment opportunities but also has interesting future prospects that involve travelling, guiding trips etc. and not to forget the well-paid job that comes with it. Focuses on the overall traveller’s experience by creating guide books, planning and booking personalised trips, managing customers travel plans and focusing on enjoyment and education of visitors. Popular roles within the sector include, travel agent, tour guide, tourism manager, event manager, travel writer and transport officer.

Following a food science, dietetics and Nutrition pathway can provide career opportunities everywhere, from small communities to large cities, in hospitals, wellness centres, health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, food companies, schools, the armed forces, long-term care facilities, and public health programs. looks at the importance of science related to food and focusses on applying the principles of nutrition to the diet. Dietitians interpret the science of nutrition to improve health and treat diseases/conditions by educating and giving practical, personalised advice to clients, patients, carers and colleagues. 

Consists of working in all aspects of hospitality, tourism and recreation sector both locally/nationally. It includes specialism in restaurant and food service, tourism and travel, events and community recreation sports. From theme park management to football coaching, there are a variety of roles in the hospitality tourism and recreation pathway. When researching careers, you will likely see some crossover with other sectors. For example, with healthcare (sports physiotherapy), hospitality and events management (hotel careers), media and internet (sport or travel journalism), teacher training and education (PE teaching) and transport and logistics (jobs in passenger services).

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