A Successful Work Experience Week

Harkiran, a Year 10 student at Beckfoot School, recently completed her work experience placement with the Employment & Skills department of Bradford Council.  Working in Comms & Marketing, Harkiran enjoyed a busy week with the team, taking part in a number of tasks including building social media posts, photographing local landmarks, learning creative software and taking on a project to build a small marketing campaign.

“This week after working at SkillsHouse I have learned to do lot of different things as well as learning about a new organisation called SkillsHouse. I have created my own posters and leaflets and social media posts using an app called Canva for a “client” to whom I then presented my work to in a meeting. The best part of my week was when I did photography out in Shipley. I was also taken to City Hall where I was shown a tour of most of the rooms and chambers I also saw many silver artefacts and there was even an intricate mini replica of City Hall created in 1986”

Sean Mills, the Employment & Skills Comms and Marketing Manager said:

“We’ve really enjoyed having Harkiran with us this week.  Apart from having an extra pair of hands, it’s given us a real insight into how young people see our service and how we might better speak to them to get our message across.  I’d recommend other businesses offer work experience placements as they may find it surprising what benefit it is to them as well as the student”.