Graffiti Rug Project - Oastlers School and Melrose Interiors

Students from Oastlers College, Keighley visited Melrose Interiors to learn about the work Melrose undertake and to work on a project to come up with eye-catching and bespoke designs that could be used as designs for a new range of rugs and cushions using wall graffiti.

Over 30 students participated in this project over just one term, a very tight deadline to ensure the designs were ready for launch with Melrose Interiors.

A big thank you to all the learners from Oastlers School who took part in our joint project to design this fantastic rug and cushions which have been manufactured and selling well!

Oastlers School is a specialist setting providing support for children and young people who have social, emotional, and mental health disturbance. The patterns within the designs have been spray-painted by hand by each of the learners and each design has a story or message behind it.

The learners got an insight in what a logistics company does and managed to look at stock control, picking and packing and distribution.

The learners were very positive about their experience with Melrose Interiors:

"I chose that as my design my karate dojo. I enjoyed the fact that a company gave us the opportunity to be creative and show people the art we have made.”

“I chose my original design because I believe that people should see what is happening to the world due to pollution. It is important to me because we should try to help the world. I really enjoyed designing and also spraying the design onto the wall.”

Andy Murphy, MD of Melrose Interiors had this to say about the project: "At Melrose we are always keen to offer pathways for development. After visiting Oastlers and being impressed with the originality & thought processes of the learners, there was a clear opportunity to work on a project that celebrated this talent and offered a tangible outcome. It was a pleasure for our team to facilitate the process of turning their creativity into a finished commercial product that recognises their endeavours and resonates with their peers."

With this design, a proportion of profits will be donated to the learners in recognition of their creative input & originality.