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Confidence Workshop – The Opportunity Centre

Course Description:

  • Delivered in a friendly, holistic, informal and intriguing style that keeps attendees fully engaged and focussed, ultimately being rewarded with fresh perspectives and sound reasons to move forward and stay motivated.
  • Attendees quickly realise that they are in a session that understands both personal and environmental influences - using activities, rhyme, video, and personal reflection in a relaxed and engaging workshop shared by a small number of others with similar circumstances.
  • Drawing on social research, and using a unique approach, it deals with several issues rooted in low confidence and poor motivation, offering insight to both cause and effect and a framework to combat the negative influences often associated with low self-esteem
  • Takes into account and explores the impact of the recent global pandemic on individual’s lives, supporting them to confidently move forward and ‘move on’

Provider and location:
The Opportunity Centre, City House, Bradford

Date and Duration:
Every 2nd Wednesday starting from Wednesday 26th May

Required qualification and educational requirements for attendance:
In order to participate fully, must have a reasonable comprehension of English Language.

WIFI required:

Closing Date: 
Ongoing fortnightly until further notice.



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