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How to Effectively Use & Manage Online Information - Training Provider: Shipley College

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Shipley College, Online


The average time to complete this course is 3 weeks, but it can be completed sooner if you have the time.

Skills/qualifications the course will provide

Learn how to search for and select appropriate information to meet personal and organisational needs. You will learn how to evaluate the information you find, understand copyright, and be able to store information in line with organisational procedures. Suitable if you are looking to upskill in the digital sector (or for digital roles), as this course will help you progress in work or gain a job involving digital knowledge and skills. Ideal for roles where you need to have the knowledge and skills to use and manage digital information, keep yourself and others safe when using digital devices and communicate and collaborate online.
Level 2.

Required qualification and educational requirements for attendance

These courses require a good level of English.



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