What are your Career Options?

There are so many wonderful career opportunities here in Bradford and beyond, so how do you figure out which is the right one for you? SkillsHouse Careers and Technical Education (CTE) are here to help and have provided a framework of distinguished key sectors and pathways for you to explore and pursue.

A sector is the phrase used to refer to similar careers within a proportion of the economy. For example, you may have heard people say “Health Care Sector”. A pathway is a route of learning and experiences you can build to make yourself a suitable candidate in that sector in a particular field of work. For example, within the Health Care Sector, you may choose the Diagnostic Services pathway to become a Radiographer or in the Business Sector you might follow the Accounting Pathway to become a Fraud Investigator.   

Click on the Pathways below to find out more information about what they involve.